'El Amor y las Pandemias: un Manual' (Love and Pandemics: a Manual) is a video work by Fiorella D’angelo and Lucía Sciandro.

The video represents an attempt to visually explore the unique predicament in which we find ourselves since the arrival of the novel Covid-19. We created this project with the body as a starting point, especially those areas that gain prominence during a pandemic: the hands and the mouth. Our project takes the form of an absurd instructional video, a format which is of remarkable relevance during this global pandemic, in view of the countless ads with which we are bombarded daily, instructing us on how to behave, clean ourselves, etc. “El Amor y las Pandemias...”, tries to show how far we can go to avoid loneliness and connect with others. In a world where human connection takes place increasingly digitally, we take this rare opportunity to reflect on the importance and irreplaceable value of human contact. At the same time, the video represents a critical vision of the anthropocentrism that has characterized our existence on earth.

The following images were taken while filming by Lucía Sciandro.

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