Lucía Sciandro (1993) is a Berlin based artist from Maldonado, Uruguay.
When Lucía Sciandro looks at the world, she does not observe the usual distinctions between bodies and other objects. As limbs and torsos are inserted into a landscape they become either extraneous or synonymous with it. But who do they belong to, these object-bodies? They cannot be ‘placed’ or recognized, but they can be dis-placed, into lines of architecture, a stolen glance on a balcony, or as wrapping for tyre-swings.
Often focusing on the trappings and contradictions inherent to modern life, sexuality, and youth she captures the vernacular with subtle, and often dark, humor. There is certainly a surreal character to many of the pictures, because in a world at odds with itself, surrealism combines the absurd, the farcical and the intentional with the pathos of chance.
Apart from photography, Lucia Sciandro is extending her practice to video work. She currently studies Art History at the Humboldt-Universität, in Berlin, and divides her time between Germany and Uruguay. Her work reflects the contrast between Berlin and her Hometown, and the experience of dual citizenship.

Publications, Exhibitions, Performances.

13.08.2015 Participation in Group Exhibition "Kunst und Körper", Galerie ZWEI. Curated by Verónica Orsi.

16.08.2015 Participation in "Peacock Rubí Art Festival"

17.02.2016 Online feature in Splash and Grab www.splashandgrab.co.uk

2016. ​The Artist is Broke X-mas Pop Up, Conceptual Photoprint Flea-market at Blender Studio, Berlin, DE

DISPOSABLE, a Photography Zine experiment designed and published independently by graphic designer Nadia Pavón Císaro. Berlin, 2017.

29.03.2017 Publication of series "The Tightrope Act" in Laranja Magazine, Issue 1. (Bern, Switzerland).

05.09.2017 two works published on SOVA Magazine , Issue 7: "Adult".

24.04.2018 Participation in the Performance When I Was Old/When I Get Young by Lucy Ellinson (UK) in The English Theater, Berlin.

07.06.2018 Participation in Tomomi Adachi's performance piece with Breeda CC & Kareth Schaffer, dedicated to the Japanese Dada movement group MAVO, in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Berlin, Hamburger Bahnhof.

13-14.06.2019 Participation in Arahmaiani Feisal's Performance Piece Flag Project for the Hamburger Bahnhof in the context of the conference Performance Art in Southeast Asia: Conference on "Embodied Histories".

Participation in Collective exhibition, and 3rd edition of Cadavre Exquis, Berlin August 16, 2019, in Kunstquartier Bethanien.


23.11.2019 Participation in the third exhibition at 8 Rooms Gallery.

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