Cadavre Exquis Nº3: 30 people, 150 days and a yet unknown photo series. Invented by the surrealists, Cadavre Exquis works like ‘Chinese whispers’. Same same, but different, since visuals instead of words are being whispered and the order of players is drawn by lot beforehand. Starting point is the unrestricted photo contribution of the first person. Subsequently, each participant responds to the preceding photo by creating an artwork of his/her own and sending it to the next person in line. The only formal constraint is a time period of 5 days to come up with a printable photo, no archive material allowed. Anything else, such as the technical and visual realization as well as associations in terms of content are determined individually. Thus the series unfolds and ends with the last person, while in between no one knows or gets to see anything except one’s own stimulus and response.

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